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Winter Concert, christmas cards, PTA meeting and BSA!

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Winter Concert, christmas cards, PTA meeting and BSA!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 21 November 2008, 4:18 PM
Thank you for attending the Parent/Teacher consultations earlier this week. I hope that you found them as useful as the teachers did. It is always good to have the opportunity to talk together about your child.

Class 5 made a total of 144.40 Euros at their Cake Sale yesterday. They are looking forward to spending this on something special. Without your support this would not have been possible, so thank you.

As you already know, the date of the Winter Concert is Tuesday 16th December. We have decided that it will be much better for the children if we only have one performance, and this will be at 10.30am. As usual it will be held in the Theatre at the University – Salle Dupreel. A letter regarding tickets will be sent home soon.
The PTA have kindly volunteered to video the performance and will make a DVD following this. We hope that these will be on sale before the holiday begins. Once again more information will follow.

On Monday you will be receiving a letter about costumes and props for the Winter Concert. We will be asking for volunteers to help us prepare a variety of items. With your help I am sure that the children will all look fantastic.

Rosemarie Haddow-Drake who used to be our librarian, but left us to travel on her barge, has been very busy making Christmas Cards. She has very generously said that she would like to sell these to raise money for the Saraswathi School, Mysore India. For those of you that are new to BEPS this is a school in South India, which we have been supporting for the past four years.
She will be in school next Thursday – 27th November at 3.30pm to sell her cards. They will cost 8 Euros for a pack of 5 handmade cards. All proceeds will be given to the Saraswathi School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her kindness.

The last PTA meeting for this term will be held on Tuesday 9th December. Please note that in order to accommodate working parents it will be held at BEPS at 19.00 rather than at the end of school.
Items on the agenda will include an update on, and the use of PTA funds, funds to charity & the attic project. Please join us if at all possible.

Finally, Pam Meisel a parent has asked me to bring the BSA to your attention. The Brussels Sports Association (BSA) gives children the opportunity to be involved in Basketball. Children aged 4-15 can register for basketball programmes by going to Spaces fill up quickly, so you are recommended to join early. Registration closes November 28th. Volunteer coaches are needed too. Contact Ellen O'Neill at for more information.

It looks as though it is going to be chilly this weekend, so keep warm!

Mandy Porrett