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Golden Certificates and Quiz success

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Golden Certificates and Quiz success
by Mandy Porrett - Saturday, 11 February 2017, 8:45 AM

Class 4 shared their learning in Upper School assembly today and made a fantastic job of it. They confidently told us all about chocolate in a range of different ways. They were news reporters, Oompa Loompas, teachers, researchers and acted many other roles too. They generously gave all the Upper School children and their teachers a Cote d’Or chocolate following their visit to the chocolate factory. They both entertained and taught us. Well done Class 4, and thank you.

Today was also the day when Golden Certificates were awarded. This time the Children had been concentrating on developing the Golden Rule of working hard. The teachers had the difficult task of choosing a child that they felt deserved this special award when so many of the children are working hard. This means that those that received a certificate must have been working very hard indeed. Congratulations to the children that received a certificate, you should be proud of yourselves, we are. The next Golden Certificate will be for being careful and safe and so you know what the children will be aiming for.

Earlier today our Class 8 children along with Felix from Class 7 participated in an annual International School Quiz. They had a great day and despite there being lots of difficult questions we are very proud to tell you that they came 3rd. We are sure you join with us in congratulating them.

Next Thursday Class 1 are off to the Aquarium. They have already learnt about many different animals and their habitats and so now they must be thinking about those that live in the water. They are sure to come back with lots of new knowledge and stories to share.

As you already know on Tuesday 21st February we will be celebrating International/Mother Tongue Day at BEPS. Your child’s teacher will be asking for your help in their weekly newsletter and so please ensure you read it. On that day, we ask the children to come to school dressed in something which represents their home country to enable us to see the rich diversity of our school’s population at a glance. We also share an international lunch together. There will not be hot lunches or usual packed lunches on that day. Instead we ask you to send in a plate of food from your home country for the children in your child’s class to share. They will have an international lunch in their classroom to which you are also invited. This is always a very special day and one which the children look forward to each year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

As you will have seen the police have been outside BEPS at the end of the school day for the last two days. We would like to remind you of the information we gave you about the parking situation in an earlier message:

Although the police have told us that some of their team may let people park in the central area of the road opposite the ULB, others may not, and so we recommend that you avoid using this area. However, they say that parking on the pavement, or on the area of soil between the pavement and the road is definitely not allowed.

To avoid receiving a parking ticket please follow this advice.

We would also like to remind you that as soon as you have collected your child(ren) from their teachers in the playground please leave, to free parking spaces in front of school. Thank you for your support.

Dates for your diaries:

Tuesday 21st February - International/Mother Tongue Day

Monday 27th February – Friday 3rd March – Half Term holiday

Thursday 30th March - Last Day before the Easter Holiday (Full Day)

Friday 31st March - INSET Day - No School

Tuesday 18th April – School reopens after the Easter Holidays

Have a lovely weekend.

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team