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Are those signs of Spring?

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Are those signs of Spring?
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 10 March 2017, 6:58 PM

After returning from the holidays we think that spring may be arriving. Not only has the sun come out but flowers have started to appear in the garden, causing much excitement.

The first week back has brought lots of other excitement too. On Monday Class 3 went for their first swimming lesson. They enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to their next lesson on Monday.

Yesterday Class 1 had the Exit Point for their Unit of Work all about animals. After listening to pieces of music written by Camille Saint Saens, they demonstrated their learning and entertained their parents with a Carnival of the Animals Show. Everybody was very impressed by their achievements and the children were very proud. Well done!

Today Class 2 went to visit the Musée des enfants. This trip was organised by the French team and the children were exploring their senses. They pretended to be actors and explorers and were amazed at what they discovered.

As Class 3 are now going Swimming this meant that today it was the first P.E lesson of the Year for the Class 4 and 5 children. They were all happy to be back working with Simon even though they were rather tired at the end of the session!

On Monday Pre-School are going to visit the farm La Hulotte. They are sure to have a great time and have been talking about farm animals in preparation for it this week. If you have wondered why there are bales of straw outside the Pre-School building, now you will understand!

Assembly this afternoon was for the Upper School and was a celebration of their swimming skills. Certificates were presented to children in recognition of their achievements at a range of different levels. They worked hard during their time at the pool and should be proud of their progress, just as we are.

As you can see the work on Avenue Victoria at the back of school continues. As soon as we have any further information about this we will let you know.

Dates for your diaries:

Thursday 30th March - Last Day before the Easter Holiday (Full Day)

Friday 31st March - INSET Day - No School for children

Tuesday 18th April – School reopens after the Easter Holidays

Monday 24th April – BEPS Book Day and Book Fair.

Tuesday 25th April – Parent/Teacher Consultations (from 16.00)

Monday 1st May – School Closed (Labour Day)

Have a lovely weekend and keep watching out for those signs of Spring!

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team