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Traffic news!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 13 October 2017, 4:49 PM

Another week has come to an end and it has been an exciting one. The photographer came back to take the photographs of the class 8 who were away when he last visited and Maths was the flavour of the week.

 Important News:

 ·      Yesterday we received a letter informing us that unfortunately the work that was carried out on Avenue Victoria (at the back of school) earlier this year was not up to standard. As a result, the paving needs to be redone. The letter said that from 10th October – 10th November work would start again! We have been told that it will be possible to drive along the road, but it will be a working zone. However, we do not think that you will be able to park there. At present, we do not have any further information, and as work has not yet started, we cannot tell you more. If we hear something else we will share the information with you.

School events:

·      World Maths Day was a great success. The children really enjoyed getting to grips with capacity, especially when it ended up as fudge or magic potions. We are sure that your child(ren) will have told you all about it, and how Maths can be great fun.

·      As you know we have Parent/Teacher Consultations on Tuesday. Please note that there will not be anyclubs on that day, and Garderie will be just for the [people that are already signed up for it.

 ·      The PTA have asked us to remind you that they need you to return the following information to them by Monday 16th October:

- the RSVP to the Halloween Party (including the entrance fees)

- the Volunteers Request Form

- the Spooky Buffet Request Form

It's always a great event, and so don't miss it if you can avoid it.

 Important dates:

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October – Relay for Life

Tuesday 17th October – Parent/Teacher Consultations

Saturday 21st October – Halloween Party

Monday 30th October – Friday 3rd November Half Term holiday (No school)

Tuesday 7th November – Book Fair


We must say a huge thank you to everybody that has supported us in our forthcoming Relay for Life adventure. Tomorrow is the big day and we hope that we see many of you there to support us still further. If you can come along to walk/jog with us, or to buy a cake or simply say hello, please do. We will be really happy to see you. The weather is looking good too!


Enjoy your weekend.


Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team