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Luckily we didn't get blown away.

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Luckily we didn't get blown away.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 19 January 2018, 5:01 PM

Important News:

·      Please remember to send in your reply forms for our forthcoming Student Led Conferences. If you have more than one child at BEPS, don’t forget to complete the Garderie section too. As this is not a ‘normal’ school day there will not be clubs or afterschool Garderie on that day.

·      The gate at the back of school closes and locks at 09.15. If you need to leave the premises after this time, you will have to leave via the front gate. Please do not ask the Pre-School staff to open the gate for you as they will be unable to. Thank you for your understanding.

School Events:

·      On Wednesday Class 4 went to visit the Cote d’Or chocolate factory and museum. They really enjoyed the experience and learnt lots. Making a bar of chocolate and bringing home a bag of goodies made it even better. Now they are ready to find out everything they can about chocolate.

·      Meanwhile, Class 2 went on a sensory walk in the bois to explore the environment using all of their senses. This was linked to their new Unit of Work, Sensational Super Humans.

·      Class 5F-J led Upper School Assembly this afternoon. As they have just started to learn about the Ancient Egyptians it was based around these. We had great fun playing ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ with questions linked to this subject. We are happy to say that we won the 1,000,000 Deben. Thank you, Class 5 F-J and enjoy your Egyptian learning.

Important Dates:

·      Tuesday 30th January – Student Led conferences

·      Monday 12th – Friday 16th February - Half Term Holiday

·      Thursday 22nd February – International/Mother Tongue Day

·      Thursday 1st March – Book Fair 

·      Monday 2nd April – Friday 13th April – Easter Holiday

The weather seems to have settled down now and so we should be able to enjoy the woods again this weekend.

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team