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Sports Day Fun

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Sports Day Fun
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 22 June 2018, 4:36 PM

Important News:

·      As you will have noticed the situation with the roadworks at the front of school (on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt) is changing daily and it is not always as safe as it should be. For this reason, we would like you to ensure that your child(ren) do not run out of the school gate and that they are taking greater care than usual when they leave school. Please use the traffic lights to cross the road, but remember that you need to activate these.

·      It has been brought to our attention that this year there are a large number of ticks in the forest. If your children are going into the forest, they should avoid walking in areas with long grass, particularly if they are wearing shorts. You should check to see that they have not been bitten, and if they have make sure you remove the tick promptly. You can find information about ticks and how to deal with them on the internet or can ask for advice at the pharmacy.

School events:

·      Today, Classes 2 – 8 participated in their Sports Day. They were involved in activities in the ULB Gym and the playground. These ranged from orienteering and archery to long jump and an assault course on the Jungle Gym. The children all had great fun and were keenly competing for the Sports Day Cup. The results were announced and Herge were the team to be awarded the coveted trophy. The most important aspect was that all the teams worked really well together with the older children supporting the younger ones and sportsmanship being the order of the day. Thank you to everyone that came and joined us. We hope you had some fun too.

·      The final Golden Certificate of the year ‘We Care for our Planet’ was also awarded today. Following our Golden Rules is very important and the children need to consistently demonstrate the attribute to achieve it. Well done to all those that received this final one. Next year there will be more chances to be awarded these certificates.

·      On Monday evening Class 7 and 8 held their Exhibition. This is a time when the children celebrate their learning during their Primary School years by working on a personal project. This is a subject which they have chosen and which they feel they would like to make a difference about. They all proved that they thoroughly understood and were passionate about their chosen subject and should be congratulated. The following day other children from within the school visited their Exhibitions and were amazed by what they saw and learnt a great deal from their presentations. If you are in school, you should take a look at their achievements. An excellent job Class 7 and 8, we are very proud of you.

·      On Wednesday Class 1 held a special Cake Sale. They were aiming to raise money to support pangolins as a part of their Unit of Work ‘Animal Rescuers’. As a result of everybody’s generosity they have been able to donate 385€ to the Friends of Rare & Endangered species trust. Thank you to Class 1 and Class 8 who helped them sell the huge selection of cakes and cookies, and to everybody that donated or bought the goodies.

Important Dates:

·      Tuesday 26th June – Talent Show (14.00) Please feel free to join us under the tent in the garden. 

·      Thursday 28th June – End of Year Class parties (14.00)

·      Friday 29th June – End of Year and Leavers Assembly (11.00) Please join us if you can.

·      Friday 29th June – Break up for the Summer Holidays. School ends at 12.30

It is hard to believe that next week is the last week of this academic year. So much has happened and so much has been achieved. We will look forward to the final week and all the exciting events that it holds in store.

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team