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Indonesian Cake Sale success and Winter events

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Indonesian Cake Sale success and Winter events
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 23 November 2018, 6:23 PM

Important News:

  • We would like to thank everybody for their support with the Cake Sales we held to raise money for Indonesia. The Year 4 children organised the event on Wednesday and then Year 5 finished the sale off yesterday. Following your support and generosity, we are happy to tell you that we raised a total of 578€ through cake sales. Additional donations then made this up to 800€. The money will be handed over immediately so that it can be used to help those that need it as soon as possible.
  • Having thought about people far away from us, our thoughts now turn to those nearer to home. As they have in previous years, our Winter Events will raise money to support Nativitas. This is a local charity that helps the homeless and those less fortunate than ourselves in Brussels. From next Friday (30thNovember) we will be collecting food to send to their festive food bank. The collection will last for one week. You will have received information about this in a letter in your child’s blue bag, but just in case this hasn’t reached you, we will appreciate your donations of:

Canned items such as fruit, vegetables, fish and soup

Items in cartons that don’t require refrigeration such as soup, fruit juice and long life  milk

Cereal of any kind and dried pulses such as lentils or chickpeas

Pasta, rice, barley, couscous and dried potato flakes

Coffee, sugar, jam or Nutella

Biscuits, chocolate and canned desserts like rice pudding


They need nourishing food that doesn’t go bad easily, so please do not send in fresh fruit or vegetables as these may spoil before they are delivered. Thank you in advance for your support.

  • The PTA would like us to share the following link with you. This will give you access to the  photographs they took at the Photo Booth at the Halloween party.

Enjoy looking at them.

  • Following the large number of cases of head lice we have seen in school recently, we have updated our procedures for this common problem. You will receive a letter in your child’s blue bag next week regarding this. Please read it carefully to support us.
  • We are hoping that at some time next week we will be able to return to our usual drop off situation in the mornings. When this happens, you will be able to drive through the gate and drop off your children before continuing on your way. We will let you know when this will be possible. Access at the back of school is for people who bring their children into the playground. In order to do this you must use your tag to open the gate and so need to bring it with you each day. Please can we also remind you that before 9 o’clock the children must enter school through the side door not the front door. Thank you.

School Events:

  • Next Friday (30thNovember) we will be holding our annual Winter Fair. You are invited to join us between 14.15 and 15.15 when the children will be selling the handmade crafts that they have produced. This is always a great event and one which also raises money for Nativitas
  • On Monday Year 5 enjoyed an interesting philosophy workshop run by Arsene and Alistair’s Mums. They had plenty of food for thought when they heard the story of Mister Black and his secret. They discussed how being different is a good thing and their feelings around this subject. Everybody enjoyed the session greatly. Thank you.

  • To celebrate the United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day on Tuesday, we joined many other schools across the world to bring additional emotional intelligence awareness to children and the adults who support them. Emotional Intelligence or EQ as it is known, is all about developing the skills for a better life and a better world. It’s all about growing friendship, reducing conflict. Growing self-awareness, reducing volatility. Growing connections, reducing isolation. The children enjoyed exploring a wide range of activities to help them grow in these ways.
  • This afternoon Year 2 amazed their parents when they invited them to the Exit Point for their Unit of Work about Buildings. They arranged a buildings exhibition for them, and showed them the models they’d designed and built and everything else they’d learnt during the Unit. There were lots of proud children and impressed parents. Well Done Year 2.

Important Dates:

Friday 30thNovember – Winter Fair (14.15 – 15.15)

Wednesday 19thDecember – Winter Concert for Years 1 – 7 ( expected to start at 10.30 a.m. time will be confirmed nearer the date)

Thursday 20thDecember – Last day of school (09.00 – 15.30)

Monday 7thJanuary – Back to school


We look forward to seeing you on Friday at the Winter Fair.

Enjoy the weekend.


Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team