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Units of Work are progressing well.

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Units of Work are progressing well.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 20 November 2009, 6:18 PM
The week has come to an end, and it seems like it was Monday only yesterday.

In assembly this afternoon Class 7 performed the play they had written. Pluto’s Protest was a huge success. The children demonstrated their learning and understanding in such an entertaining way. They should feel very proud of themselves, just as Ms. Higueras and I do. I can hardly wait to see what they will bring to the Winter Concert. I was also very impressed with the questions that the other children in the school were asking, and the answers they were given. Now the class has embarked on their new unit of work and are busy preparing a news programme.

Class 6 are now talking about Myths and Legends and are looking for similarities and differences in these. They are writing their own myths and legends creating non-scientific explanations for natural phenomenon. I look forward to them sharing these with us.

The Class 5s are finding that their unit on Visual Representation is a very interesting area of study. The two classes are looking into the different ways that artists have represented the world, and are using painting and photography as a way of expressing themselves and their view of the world.

Class 4 have been deciding on different ways of categorising significant people. They have now chose their own significant person to study and are busily researching about them. This is giving them plenty of opportunity to practice and develop their research skills, as I am sure the posters they are working towards will demonstrate.

Class 3 started the week finding out about Belgian celebrations. I was very interested to hear about one relating to the lighting of bonfires. They were working in groups and sharing their knowledge with each other. Now they are starting to prepare a poster, which will present one of their family celebrations.

This week Class 2 have been lucky enough to have two parents visiting them to help with their unit of work on health. Rose’s Dad is a doctor and he came to talk about what happens to our bodies when we have a cold, a cough or diarrhoea. Today Mathilde’s Mum came in to give a first aid demonstration. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both for coming in and sharing their knowledge with the children, I know that both classes are enjoying role-play in the Class 2 clinic too.

Class 1 and Lion’s Den have both been talking about transport this week. Lion’s Den will be moving on to looking at and making musical instruments next week whilst Class 1 will be extending their knowledge of transport.

Class 1 started the week by making a graph to show the different ways that they come to school. They have been showing their sequencing skills by putting the story “The Train Ride” into the correct order. They have also been singing lots of transport related songs.

This week Lion’s Den finished their unit on transport. They went for walk in the to learn how to cross the road safely. Whilst they were there they also looked for all the different types of transport they could see.
They discovered traffic lights and discussed the different colours used in them and their functions. They then returned to school and made their own traffic lights.

Bear’s Cave have been learning about the different parts of their bodies and the features they have on their faces. You may have seen the full sized children stuck on their classroom windows, if you haven’t please take a look and see if you recognise them. They have also used all the different parts of the body to make their own puppets.

This week we had our very first look at what will be happening in our Winter Concert. From now on the children will be very busy learning words and movements for this. I am sure that it will soon all come together and be an event not to be missed. I know that teachers are already thinking about asking for your support with costumes, Lion’s Den are ahead of the game and have already started to collect their volunteers. If you have some time to spare I am sure that we can find something for you to do. Either ask your child’s class teacher or come to me.
Thank you in advance to anyone that can offer support of any kind towards the Winter Concert. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

On Thursday 26th November the Book Fair will be in school. If you were a winner in the pumpkin carving competition please don’t forget to bring your prize to spend. Don’t worry if you have misplaced it, I will give a list to the lady in charge, and you can just tell her your name.
There isn’t school on Friday 26th November as it is an INSET day. Only teachers need to be in school, everybody else can enjoy a long weekend.
That means that there wont be swimming next week. However, can we please remind you that children should be going swimming unless they have a doctor’s certificate stating otherwise. If you feel that your child is not well enough to swim, we would prefer that they are kept at home. Your child’s teacher will tell you when the class will be swimming so that you can bring your child in after the lesson if you wish. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

The PTA would also like to remind you to return your money for, or the photographs from the Halloween/Firework party as soon as possible. Thank you.

Next week looks like it is going to be busy, so enjoy the weekend!

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett