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It’s holiday time again!

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It’s holiday time again!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 25 October 2019, 3:37 PM

Important News:

  • Yesterday, you should have received a letter in the Blue Bag asking for your support in making BEPS a head lice free zone. In order to achieve this we all need to work together. Please read the letter carefully and check your children’s hair before they return to school after the holiday. We have also attached some information about how to check your children’s hair to this newsletter, and so please read this too.  Thank you for your support with this important matter.
  • Last Friday Year 3 held their Water Walk to raise awareness of how lucky we are to be able to turn on our taps for water rather than having to walk many kilometers to collect it. They were also trying to raise money for the charity Water Aid. We are very happy to tell you that they have collected 864€. Well done Year 3, you have done an amazing job!
  • We would like to remind you that if you wish to take your children out of school for reasons other than illness, please write and ask either Ms. Birch (Pre-School – Year 2) or Ms. Porrett (Year 3 – 6) at least 2 weeks in advance to request permission for this.
  • Next week it’s Half Term and so there won’t be any school. As repair work will be taking place in Pre-School the Early Year Holiday Club will take place in the main building in the Reception classes.
  • We would like to remind you that if you would like to recycle your used batteries or old battery chargers that there is a container outside Dominique’s office that you can put these into.

School Events:

  • Thank you for supporting the Book Fair which was in school on Tuesday. The children were all very excited and enjoyed going to look at the books and many of them brought money to spend. You also spent lots, and as a result we were able to choose 250€ worth of books for the library. The Book Fair will be back in the Spring with many more new titles for the children to investigate. 
  • On Tuesday, Pre-School found out what happens when people celebrate Diwali. Ayaan’s Mum came and told them all about it and prepared some beautiful Rangoli patterns. Candles were lit and the celebration finished with sparklers. We would like to thank Ayaan’s Mum for coming in to share this celebration with the children, who thought it was great.
  • Yesterday, Year 6 went to Technopolis they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt many new things, some of which were related to their Unit of Work about rivers and plenty of other things as well. We would like to thank Athina’s Mum for joining them.
  • The Secondary School held an information evening on Tuesday. This was to introduce the Secondary programme to Year 5 and 6 parents. If you were unable to attend, please make an appointment with Ms. Hertay, who will happily talk with you about this. 

Important Dates:

Half Term Holiday: Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November

No School (Armistice Day) – Monday 11thNovember

No School (INSET Day for teachers) – Tuesday 12thNovember

Winter Fair – Tuesday 17thDecember (14.00 – 15.00)

Don’t forget to put your clocks back this weekend. This means that we can have an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning.

Finally, we would like to send good wishes to any of our families that are celebrating Diwali this weekend.

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team