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Other things are happening, luckily it's not just Coronavirus.

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Other things are happening, luckily it's not just Coronavirus.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 6 March 2020, 5:46 PM

School Events:

·      We are sure that you will join us in welcoming the new families that joined us on Tuesday. We hope that you will all settle in very quickly and soon feel a part of the BEPS community.

·      Our Year 1 - 6 children have been invited to participate in a competition organised by the Bangladesh Embassy. This is to celebrate Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Birthday (the Father of the nation of Bangladesh) and National Children’s Day, both of which fall on Tuesday 17th March. This afternoon, the children were introduced to this excitement and started either a picture of an animal that would be found in Bangladesh (Year 1 and 2) or designing a poster to encourage people to go and visit Bangladesh (Years 3 - 6). They will be bringing these home to complete over the weekend. Please support your child by encouraging them to take the time to finish them at home and return them to school on Monday. Their drawings and posters will be displayed in school. A prize giving assembly will be held on Friday 20th March when certificates will be awarded by a representative from the Embassy.

·      This afternoon, Golden certificates were awarded across the school. Teachers have been looking out for children that have been demonstrating our Golden Rule ‘We work hard’. Well done to those that received one, and keep on working hard everybody. Next, we will be concentrating on the rule ‘We listen to others’.

·      Once again, the amount of Lost Property has reached high levels! There is a large quantity of hats, single gloves and scarves, and even a few coats. If you know that your child has lost something please come and have a look for it. Teachers will remind their class to have a careful look on Monday. Anything that remains at the end of next week will be donated to charity.

·      We held Upper and Lower School assemblies on Tuesday, to talk about Coronavirus and what we must do to keep safe. The children were already very knowledgeable and keen to share what they knew with us. We talked about coughing and sneezing into a tissue and throwing it into the bin with a lid, and then washing our hands. We found good ways to wash our hands and parctised this together, making sure it took at least 20 seconds. We also coughed into our elbows and talked about the ways that school would be cleaned to help us all keep germ free.

Coronavirus Updates:

·      We are informing all our potential visitors of the precautionary measures we are taking and asking them to postpone their visit if they fall into one of our listed categories.

·      We are postponing events when large groups of people would be coming into school such as  the Early Years event, Exit Points and PTA Coffee mornings. We will also evaluate if trips that have already been planned will take place.

·      We continue to coordinate a school wide effort to support our students and families and are aiming  to implement responses that are prudent, justified, and effective. 

·      We have also set up a page on the school’s website that will enable all members of the community, as well as visitors, to keep up to date on the latest information.

·      We will continue to send you further updates via email.

Important Dates:

Tuesday 17th March – Book Fair

Wednesday 18th March – BEPS Book Day

Tuesday 31st March – Parent/Teacher Consultations

Friday 3rd April – Break up for Easter Holidays at 15.30

Monday 20th April – Back to School

We hope that you all have a good weekend.

Best Wishes,

The Leadership Team