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Reopening was more than successful

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Reopening was more than successful
by Mandy Porrett - Wednesday, 20 May 2020, 3:45 PM

It's been another week of first experiences and we are glad to report that things went very well.

  • Despite some initial apprehensions, it was very exciting to see children and teachers in school again on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone settled in very quickly even though the environment was different, with social distancing and hygiene rules being uppermost in our minds. Everybody was happy to be back together learning and playing alongside each other and generally having fun. As these two days were so successful, we are happy to say that Year 6 are being invited to return to school on either Thursday or Friday of next week.

  • The children from Year 6 should have had their final visit to BEPS Secondary School today. They would have had the opportunity to experience some classes and to see how learning happens there. As this couldn’t take place, last week they were asked how they felt about the transition to Secondary School and recorded their feelings on Flipgrid. The Secondary School students responded to these.To build on this, during a video meeting this morning they enjoyed a treasure hunt where they looked for artefacts which reflected their culture, learning and personal goals. They also found out more about the differences between Primary School and Secondary School and about the subjects taught. They had the opportunity to ask lots of questions. The current Year 7 class joined the call and they all talked together, which the teachers said was really great. They are looking forward to welcoming some Year 6 children to BEPS Secondary School in September.

  • A video meeting for parents regarding this Secondary transition was also held this afternoon. If you weren't able to attend or would like some more information then please contact Andrew Mitchell:

  • Despite the unusual circumstances the PTA have been busy preparing our annual Yearbook. You should have received an email explaining how to place your order yesterday. Just to remind you though, it must be ordered by transferring 12€ to the PTA bank account by Monday 25th May. This will be a special memory of a rather different year.

Enjoy the extra long weekend and the beautiful weather that it is meant to be bringing with it.

Best Wishes

The Leadership Team