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Learning is well underway and next Friday is an INSET Day!

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Learning is well underway and next Friday is an INSET Day!
by Mandy Porrett - Monday, 20 September 2010, 7:27 AM
Everybody has settled back into school and lots of learning has been happening this week. Classes have all started their first Unit of Work, and are very busy indeed.

Bear’s Cave has a Unit called ‘This is my School’. They are learning how to follow the class routines and understand the structure of the day. Along with this they are learning their new friends' names. Lots of discovering is happening too. Go and see the school bags that they have painted - their first art in BEPS.

The Unit in Lon’s Den is called ’I am in Lion’s Den’. They have made the most fabulous lions you have ever seen. They used their handprints to create the lion’s mane. In PE they used the parachute and beanbags to have lots of exercise and fun.

Class 1 are starting the year talking about families. They have begun by drawing their families and telling their teachers all about them. These pictures and quotes will be used in their family book. They have also started to use their Journals. These books will be used once a week for ‘writing’ in. They will be used to assess their progress across the year. They also had their first trip to the gym at WIS.

Class 2 are going to be investigating toys. They have already opened ‘toy shops’ in their classrooms. Each child brought in one of their favourite toys and has been showing how it works to the other children in the class. They have also been very busy with the letters a,c,t and s. I have seen some great letter formation and some very clever words staring with those letters.

Class 3 are already enjoying learning all about the circus. They watched a circus show to introduce them to all the different kinds of performances that can take place. They also made a class mind map to show everything they already know about circuses. In literacy they have been writing and reading sentences. I was called to see their amazing writing, and they were more than happy to read it to me too. If they are this good at the beginning of the year they will be even more brilliant by June. In Numeracy they have been counting on and back in 1s from two digit numbers.

All of the Upper School are starting with a Unit focusing on how we learn.

Class 4 is starting with some revision on research skills. They are making sure they understand how a dictionary can be used to find the correct spelling and meaning of words and how it is organized. They are also thinking about what other tools they can use to research information. In Literacy they are reviewing the use of capital letters and full stops in their writing, and getting ready to leap into cursive script. In Numeracy they are counting in 1s, 10s and 100s and using measurement for context. I think that they are getting used to being in Upper School now, and even coming to terms with having to wait much longer for lunchtime!

Class 5 are using different sources to help them research and understand the weather forecast from different places around the world. They used this information to create a poster to demonstrate and explain their learning. They are using an atlas and a world map to find their country of origin, its capital and the continent it is in. In Numeracy they are working with place value for 4 and 5 digit numbers. Designing a contents page for an imaginary magazine in Literacy has been great fun.

Classes 6/7 are developing their knowledge and understanding of the fact that there are a number of different ways of learning. They have designed a questionnaire about the different learning styles and collected data using this. Next they analysed the collected data and reached conclusions about the prevalent styles. Ask them about their findings, I am sure they will be happy to explain all about the task. In Literacy they are developing their skimming and scanning skills as well as further developing their dictionary and thesaurus skills. Alongside data handling, in Numeracy they are talking about place value, and multiplication and its link with division.

As you can see, everybody is very busy and lots of progress is already being made.

As we settle back into the school routine I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your support regarding jewellery at school. We do ask that children avoid wearing jewellery other than watches, stud earrings or items that have religious or cultural significance. This is for safety reasons and also to avoid loss or breakages. Similarly we ask for long hair to be tied up as this helps to prevent the spread of head lice across the school. We thank you in advance for helping us to implement this.

As Swimming and PE lessons have now started, please can you help us by ensuring that your child has the correct items on these days. If your child is unable to go swimming we must receive a doctor’s note. Children are not able to go to the swimming pool if they are not taking part in the lesson. Unfortunately we do not have enough resources for them to be supervised if they are left at school. This means that if you prefer that your child does not go swimming they will need to come to school after their swimming lesson, or to be collected during their swimming lesson time. This is so that we can ensure the safety of the children at all times. Thank you for your support in this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and talk with me.

The PTA are holding their first meeting on Monday at 14.00. This will be to discuss preparations for the famous BEPS Halloween/Firework party, which will be taking place on Saturday 23rd October. To make this event a success takes lots of hard work and dedication. Please come along to the meeting to find out how you can help. The more helpers that are involved the more fun it is for everybody.

Finally I would like to remind you that school is closed next Friday (24th September). We have an INSET Day and so only teachers will need to come to school on that day! We will be working on updating our Curriculum Guides and on developing Literacy skills across the school. You will see the results of our hard work when the new Curriculum Guides are sent to you on Wednesday 6th October.

I hope that you all have an enjoyable weekend, and that the children are not quite as tired as they were at the end of last week. I know that the first week was hard for us all!

See you all again on Monday.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett