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A busy week

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A busy week
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 8 October 2010, 4:39 PM
Thank you to everybody that donated and bought cakes yesterday. Your generosity has meant that Pre-school will have 228 Euros to spend. As soon as they have spent it we will let you know what they bought.

This week there has been lots of learning and fun happening across the school.

Bear’s Cave have been exploring grapes and bananas this week. This has meant more tasting and cooking; I wish that I had been there to taste the banana milkshake. The bunches of grapes that they printed are very impressive; you should have a look at them if you can.
In Lion’s Den they were talking about big, medium and small using the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. They made porridge and tasted it, just like in the story; I hope it was just right! In PE they were using long ribbons to make loops like the curls in Goldilocks’ hair.
In Class 1 they have been finding out about all the different celebrations that their families are involved in. They have been recognising and reading the numbers 1 and 2 and counting all sorts of objects. They made rainbows using half of a paper plate and coloured paper. They were clever enough to be able stick the right colours on because they learnt the rainbow song last week.
In Class 2 they have been comparing old and new toys and looking at the similarities and differences between them. In Numeracy they have been saying the number that is 1 more than a given number, and they are getting very quick and accurate at doing this. They have also been painting in the style of Pieter Brueghel.
Yesterday I wondered what Class 3 were up to. They were putting up a tent in the garden! They have explained to me that this was because a circus uses a big top and they were finding out how you would go about setting this up, and how land is used for a circus. In Numeracy they are partitioning two digit numbers into tens and units and in Literacy identifying, reading and spelling th and ck words.
Class 4 were out on a trip to Hidrodoe yesterday. They had been talking about the water cycle earlier in the week and had plenty of opportunities to have some hands on water experimentation to support this learning. In Literacy they have been identifying nouns, and counting on and back in 100s from any number in Numeracy.
Class 5 have started individual projects this week. Each child has chosen an interesting explorer or adventurer and they are now using their research skills to find out more about them. In Literacy they are learning how to distinguish between the spelling and meaning of common homophones such as to/two/too; they’re/their/there and piece/peace In Numeracy they are working hard to develop their understanding of the fact that division is the inverse of multiplication.
Classes 6&7 have been looking at Myths and Legends about space from different countries and cultures, and at the similarities and differences between these myths. They have then been using this knowledge to help them write their own myths and legends. In Numeracy Class 6J have been working with odd and even numbers. They have also been recognising and explaining patterns and relationships in number sequences. Class 7/6H have been multiplying and dividing by the power of 10 and understanding that dividing or multiplying by 100 is the same as multiplying or dividing by 10 and then again by 10.

As you can see everybody has been very busy indeed.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we are aware that there is a problem with one of the steps leading up to the slide on the playground equipment. We have tried to ensure that it is as safe as we can possibly make it, and are arranging for a company to come and investigate this problem and deal with it properly as soon as possible. There is also a problem with the fence and gate that lead into the bike racks. To ensure your safety please could I ask you to put your bikes on the railings by Class 1 on Monday whilst we solve this problem. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Halloween party tickets are selling quickly, so please remember to order yours. There will be a PTA meeting on Monday at 15.45 to discuss preparations for this event, please join us if you can. The party is always great fun and the more people that we have helping means that it is not too much work for anybody. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

I hope that you all have a good weekend.

See you all on Monday.

Mandy Porrett