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New Units of Work

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New Units of Work
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 12 November 2010, 4:38 PM
With the start of the new half term comes the start of new Units of Work. I am always excited to see what these new units will involve and all that the children will learn from them. As usual there is going to be lots happening.

Bear’s Cave are talking all about colours. They started by printing with their hands using different colours. You should be able to tell which colour they are talking about each day, as they will be wearing clothes of that colour. So far they have learnt about red and yellow. Watch out to see what they are wearing next week.

In Lion’s Den they are learning all about forests and the animals that you might find there. They have made trees for their own forest using paper, paint and sponge printing. You can see these in their classroom. They have also been very busy making animal headbands, which they wore to the woods. Now there are many more foxes, deer, rabbits and owls in the forest behind BEPS!

Class 1 re going to be really working hard learning about letters and numbers and have a unit based on this. They have been learning the rhyme Incy Wincy Spider and are going to use this next week too. Today they had their first BEPS swimming lesson and I think that they enjoyed themselves.

I am sure that you have seen the impressive toys that Class 2 made, if not they will be in the display cabinet in the entrance hall for a little while longer. Now Class 2 are going to learn how to stay healthy with their new unit of work. They have already started by talking about what they think being healthy means.

Class 3 finished their Unit of Work about the Circus with a magnificent circus performance. There were lions and a lion tamer, acrobats, jugglers and strong men to name just a few of the acts. It was an excellent end to a Unit that they learnt lots from and thoroughly enjoyed. Their new Unit seems to be starting with excitement too, as their entry point was a party! This was to start their new unit on celebrations.

If you need to know the time anywhere in the world, Class 4 will be the people to ask. Their new unit is all about time. They started by creating visual representations to show the passing of time, and then labelling and explaining all about it. This means that in Numeracy they will also be working with time, so if you have an appointment with them, please don’t be late!

We continue to have Explorers and Adventurers within the school. Class 5 have been completing their unit and sharing their learning with their buddies. Next week they will start their new unit which is all about money and trade, so there will be plenty to learn about there.

Classes 6&7 are completing their work on the solar system and are using their understanding of paragraphs to help them write pages for their class books on Space. I am sure that these books will be full of interesting facts and presented beautifully. They are bound to be a great read.

There is also plenty of Numeracy and Literacy taking place and next week I will tell you what is happening in these areas too.

In the meantime, please try and keep out of the wind and rain.
Have a restful weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett