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The first full week is over, and lots has been learnt and enjoyed.

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The first full week is over, and lots has been learnt and enjoyed.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 14 January 2011, 7:44 PM
Thank you very much to everybody that supported the Class 2 Cake Sale yesterday. They made a grand total of 251.10 Euros, which they are going to use towards some special projects for their Unit of Work about Day and Night. The teachers are very happy to know that these projects will now be possible, and I am sure we will hear and see the outcome.

This week seems to have gone very quickly. We started the week with the first trip to the gym of 2011, and things have got even busier as the week has progressed,

This week the children in Bear’s Cave have been talking about birds and what they need during the winter. They have been making birds using feathers and milk cartons and have even been flying around their classroom!

In Lion’s Den they have been talking about houses and the different materials that they are made of, using the story of The Three Little Pigs. They have made houses by printing bricks, and sticking raffia (straw) and sticks.

In Class 1 they have started their new Unit of Work, which is all about rhymes. I heard them singing some nursery rhymes with Ms. Ford in Music too. They are also very busy with their letters and were talking about ‘i’ and ‘t’ this week. In Numeracy they are also moving up the numbers and number 5 has been the number of the week.

When I went into Class 2 on Thursday it was very dark indeed. They were learning what causes day and night to happen, and using a torch and globe to see this. There are lots of interesting questions and information that they already know on display in their classrooms. I can see that they are really enjoying this Unit already. They have also been reminding themselves about the days of the week and the months of the year.

Class 3 have been putting the finishing touches to their Unit on Celebrations, and seeing what they have learnt. In Literacy they have been reading and following instructions. They have been identifying the verbs in instructions and talking about what makes good instructions.
In Numeracy they are working with shapes. They have been using the names of common 2D shapes and sorting them and describing their features using the number of sides and corners.

It is the time of the year when Class 4 start talking about chocolate. They have been designing their own wrapper for a chocolate treat. To do this they have had to understand what makes a design attractive and how it needs to suit its purpose. In Literacy they have been learning about alliteration, and using this and adjectives to advertise their treat. In Numeracy they are rounding numbers.

I was lucky enough to spend some time working with Class 5H recently, but I know they are very happy to have Ms. Hope back with them again. This week they have been introduced to their new Unit of Work on Volcanoes and Earthquakes and have been learning all about the structure of the earth and what causes an earthquake. In Literacy they were looking at contractions and possessive nouns and learning how to identify and use these correctly. In Numeracy they were working with fractions and equivalent fractions. They were also using a pair of compasses to draw a circle.

Class 6J have been continuing to write their school newsletter this week. In Literacy they have started Reading Circles. They are working with Class7/6 H to study Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo. In Numeracy they are also working with fractions, changing improper fractions to mixed numbers and recognising equivalent fractions.
Class 7/6H have been developing a timetable to enable them to prepare for their forthcoming news programme. In Numeracy they have been looking in greater detail at different addition and subtraction strategies.

The Class 6 children led assembly this afternoon and shared the creation stories they had written. These were accompanied by the PowerPoint versions that they had produced in their Computer lessons. It was very interesting to hear the variety of stories they had written, and they presented them clearly and confidently. Well done to them all. I am definitely looking forward to their next assembly.

I know that the miserable weather is making the playground look more and more messy. Luckily we now have a man that is coming to work on cleaning it each morning, so it should soon be looking better again. Also unfortunately this afternoon part of the plastic sandpit roof came off. We will not be able to stick it back in place until the rain stops, so let’s hope the weather is better next week. The people who are working on the gate are returning on Monday to put what we hope will be the finishing touches to it.

We have now started to plan our International Day and next week Ms.Dias and Ms. Higueras will be informing you about our plans. It is always good to have something to look forward to.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett