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Don’t forget the Egg Drop is on Wednesday & Class 5 Cake Sale on Thursday

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Don’t forget the Egg Drop is on Wednesday & Class 5 Cake Sale on Thursday
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 1 April 2011, 4:25 PM
On Wednesday (6th April) it will be our famous annual Egg Drop. If you don’t already know, this event is organised and run by Mr. Gellar one of our directors and is enjoyed by everyone.

If you want to take part, all you have to do is design and make an original, small and beautiful container that will hold a raw egg. When this container is dropped (from a height of 5 metres; from a ladder on the terrace), the egg should not break. Remember that you are not allowed to use balloons or parachutes to slow the egg down!

If you are entering the BEPS 2011 Egg Drop Contest, you must bring your egg into school on Tuesday 5th March before 2pm when it will be judged.

You will get lots of points if your egg doesn’t break when it is dropped, but you can get extra points if your design is:

· very small

· very beautiful

· original

Please take your egg to your classroom so that your teacher can put a special number onto it, before it goes on display in the Entrance Hall.

Small prizes will be given in assembly on Friday 8th April. Everybody that enters the contest will receive something. Please remember that this activity is for fun, and taking part is more important than winning.

The Egg Drop itself will take place at the following times. If you want to see your child’s egg dropped, please join us, but please note that the times are approximate. Thank you for your understanding.

Classes 3B and 3G 09:40

Class 4 09:55

Classes 5D and 5H 10:15

Classes 6J and 7/6H 10:35

Classes 2C and 2M 10:50

Class1 11:15

Pre-school 11:40

Please remember that the children in Class 7 will be opening the containers after they have been dropped, so please try to ensure they can open them easily and safely. Thank you for considering this when you make your entry.

Good Luck, and have fun designing over the weekend.

We are fitting in one last cake sale before the Easter break. Class 5 will be having their cake Sale on Thursday (7th April). They will be using the money that they raise to go on a trip linked to their next Unit of Work. They hope to visit an Art Gallery or have a similar experience. Please support them by sending in cakes and cookies if you can, and by bringing your Euro coins to spend. Thank you for your continued support with our Cake Sales.

I will tell you what has been happening across the school at the beginning of next week. In the meantime have a great weekend.

I look forward to seeing you at the Egg Drop.

Mandy Porrett