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New Units, Cycle to school, Class 6&7 Cake Sale and much much more!

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New Units, Cycle to school, Class 6&7 Cake Sale and much much more!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 6 May 2011, 5:42 PM
I would like to start my mail this week by welcoming the Maruyama family that joined us this week. We hope that the will be very happy at BEPS and that Shimpei and Wako will settle in very quickly.

I also have a message from a BEPS parent that I would like to share with you………

“On yer bike!

Good news! After a recent clear-out the bike shed is now spacious, clean and beautiful. So why not make the most of these long spring days and come to school by bike for a change? (Safety first of course, only as long as you have good, wide pavements). The perfect way to get our brains in gear in the morning, and unwind after school - and in passing, educate our progeny about alternative "green" transport.

Or why not detour through the woods for a picnic after school, and spot the spring flowers and fauna, which survive there despite the fact that drivers seem to think this is the Paris-Dakar route. (I saw woodpeckers there recently).

Enjoy! Ruth Wilkinson (mother of Daniel - 5H and Susana - 3B)”

Everybody has been busy this week, and alongside all the hard work that has been taking place I know there have been some secrets for Mums happening too.

Bear’s Cave have been making the most of the sunshine by playing outside as much as possible this week. They have also been thinking about their Mums and pretending to be them in the home corner. I know that there will be a special surprise for their Mum on Mother’s Day.

For the last two weeks, the children in Lion’s Den have been having "Fun with Games". Through this Unit there has been a special focus on the fact that some games are played in groups and that some are played individually. They have learnt that when you are playing a game it is important to take turns, and that sometimes you win and sometimes you don't.

They have prepared their own memory game, played different games using dice and spinners and coloured a picture by identifying numbers. Next week they will start a new Unit all about wheels.

In Class 1 they have been working with the letter and sound ‘l’. They have been identifying objects that start with ‘l’ and writing lots of ‘ls’. In Numeracy they have been talking about measurement and learning the difference between things which are long and things which are short. I am sure that they have been busy making surprises too.

Class 2 are really moving forward this term. They will now be having two reading books a week, which just shows how much progress they have made. Well done to them all! They have been learning to tell the time and know when it is ‘something’ o’clock. They will also have some very happy Mums!

Class 3 are coming to the end of their Unit of Work about stories and have been looking at how artists use mythical themes, materials and subject matter in their work. They now know that stories can be told through pictures and have communicated their legends pictorially. In Literacy they have been talking about sentences and question marks. When they are reading they have been practicing using the tone of their voice to read question sentences.

In Numeracy they have been sorting, organising and interpreting information in graphs and pictograms.
They are looking forward to going on a French trip next Tuesday (10th May).

Class 4 had a fantastic time at the King Tut exhibition on Tuesday. If you ask them they will certainly recommend that you visit it yourself. They have been busy making their own treasure and created a mind map to help when explaining how they found their treasure to others.
In Numeracy they have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100, and understanding the Euro.

Class 5 are continuing to work on developing their ability to tell the time. They are using analogue and 24-hour clock time to the nearest minute now, so it is rather tricky. Please ask them the time whenever you see them. Next they will be working with bar graphs.

In Literacy they have been finishing their dinosaur stories. I know that they are very keen to share these with others and are illustrating and presenting them beautifully. They have just completed their dinosaur unit and have had to create an advert to sell a dinosaur for their final task. I am not sure where they are keeping these dinosaurs though!

Class 6 are starting their new Unit Artist’s Impressions and have already been lucky enough to have an artist in their classrooms. Carmen Marques (Alberto’s Mum) was in school sharing her work with them today, I am sure that she has been an inspiration to them. I would like to thank her for giving up her time to come in and share her knowledge and skills with them, I am sure that you already know we love to have parents working with us.

In Literacy they are developing their use of adjectives and strong verbs to describe paintings, and starting work on a biography on an impressionist painter.

In Numeracy Class 6J are adding and subtracting 2 place decimals and 6H are multiplying two digit numbers.

In the meantime 7H are working hard at gathering information for their forthcoming Exhibition. It is a particularly busy time of year for them and they are working hard to be able to demonstrate their learning to us before they leave us at the end of June. They have been designing and writing the invitations, which will be distributed very soon.

Classes 6 & 7 will have the final Cake Sale of the year next Thursday (12th May). They are hoping to use he money that they make to visit an Art Museum for their Unit of Work. Please help them to achieve this by sending in donations of cakes or cookies, or spending your Euros at the sale itself.

I am sure that you would like to join with me in taking this opportunity to thank Marcela Gonzalez (Sebastian and Sabina’s Mum) for all the hard work that she puts into coordinating these cake sales. Without her they would not run as smoothly or efficiently as they do, and the children would not be able to benefit from the extra activities that these sales finance.
Also thank you to everybody else that supports these events in any way.

Ms. Ford would like to inform you that the Lower School children (Classes 1-3) are having a Music Assembly next Friday (13th May) at 14.45. Each class will be sharing some of their Music. You are welcome to join us for the assembly if you can.

Finally, please can you support us by preventing your children from playing on the playground equipment before the bus children leave at the end of the school day? This helps us to ensure that all of the children leave safely or go to the correct places at the end of school. The children are welcome to play once Ms. Ford has left that area. Thank you for your understanding.

I hope that the Mums that are celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday enjoy the day, and that the children are especially thoughtful and well behaved for them.

Have a great weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett