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What's been happening this week? Summer Fair requests and Summer Fun Club.

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What's been happening this week? Summer Fair requests and Summer Fun Club.
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 20 May 2011, 5:22 PM
It was great to see so many people at the PTA wine evening last night. I would like to thank everyone that came and the PTA for organising the event. If you weren't able to attend I hope that you will be able to join us at the next one.

I am sure that you will have noticed the colourful butterflies that have landed on the windows of Bear’s Cave this week. They have been talking about, and making caterpillars and butterflies this week. They also listened to the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. On Tuesday they used hoops in the attic for their PE lesson.

Lion’s Den have been investigating things that spin and roll. They voted on the colours to use to paint large cardboard boxes and showed the results on a graph. After painting the boxes in the favourite colours they added wheels and windows. They then took their vehicles for a drive through the woods. They made a very colourful ferris wheel with glittered capsules and have been matching words linked to their Unit of Work. They are really getting ready for Class 1 now!

Class 1 have been sharing the book they made about their favourite animal with the rest of the class. In Literacy they have been using ’j’ and ‘z’ and been finding words that begin with these letters. In Numeracy they have been using the terms long and short and have been comparing their heights at the beginning of the year to now, so they can see how much they have grown.

If you go into Class 2 you will be able to organise your summer holidays. After visiting the Travel Agents near the ULB they set up a Travel Agency in their classrooms and will be happy to help you choose a destination for your next holiday. They know all the different hot and cold places you can visit.In Numeracy they are counting in tens and to adding ten to a two digit number. They have also been ordering numbers up to 30 and can tell you which number lies between two other numbers.

Class 3 have been setting up an experiment to find out what conditions plants and flowers need to survive and grow. They listened to the beginning of the story ‘In the Garden’ and have written their own suggestion for the middle and ending. In Numeracy they are developing their weighing skills using grams and kilograms and reading simple weighing scales to the nearest labeled division.

Class 4 are discussing what it is that makes a person famous or significant. They have been finding information about the significant person they are learning about and using this to create a poster. In Numeracy they are working with doubles and near doubles. They have also been working hard on their forthcoming ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ production and planning invitations for this.

After visiting the ‘How Do You Do Brussels’ exhibition Class 5 have been planning where and how they could have their photograph taken at BEPS to express something about themselves. They all brought in props for this exercise and I am looking forward to seeing the finished results. In Numeracy they are working with shapes and naming triangles and classifying polygons.

We would like to say thank you to Milou, Thijmen and Rosa’s Mum who came into school to talk to Class 6 about Australian ‘Dream Art’. It is always great to have parents in school and the children and teachers always enjoy the experience. Everybody was extremely interested and was inspired to create a painting representing a dream using the symbols they had been introduced to.

In Numeracy 6J have been working with angles and 6H on standard written methods of addition and subtraction. Both classes are continuing with their reading circles and are using the texts ‘Goodnight Mr. Tom’, ‘The Silver Sword’ and ‘Toro Toro’.

Of course Class 7 are putting the finishing touches to their exhibition work. They only have a few more days before this exciting event to celebrate their achievements. This year the exhibition will be very different from past years, it is always exciting to have new things happening and to be moving forwards. I am sure that you will enjoy seeing the outcome of their hard work. Keep on going Masha, Mila and Pepin!

You should have received a reminder letter regarding the raffle at the Summer Fair in the blue bags today. So far the PTA have only had a limited response and will need additional support to ensure that the raffle will be successful. Also, if you have not yet returned your PTA volunteer sheet for the Summer Fair please do so before Thursday 26th May. Thank you in advance for your support.

Ms. Dias would like to inform you that there are still some places available for the Summer Fun Club, which will take place during the first two weeks of July. As the number of places on the bus will be limited please book early to avoid disappointment. For further information please see Ms. Dias in Class 1 or ask Jacqueline for a registration form.

Please remember that there isn’t any school next Friday (27th May) as we have an INSET Day. Then there are only two days before the half term break; the term is really speeding by. It will be the summer holidays before we realise it.

The last children have just left Garderie and the school is strangely quiet so it must be time for the weekend to begin.

Have a restful weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett