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Flipper fun.

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Flipper fun.
by Mandy Porrett - Thursday, 9 June 2011, 7:03 PM
I have just arrived back from a fun day at the coast with Class 4. We had an interesting walk in the dunes and nature reserve where the children were awarded a certificate for their brilliant learning. We then went back to Flipper for lunch. After lunch there was a quick rehearsal for their forthcoming production and then the chance for some playtime in the playground. Luckily they still had enough energy for an hour of fun swimming, diving and sliding! Even I tried out the slide! We left them as they were returning for dinner and the excitement of the disco. They are all very happy and the only complaint was that their time at Flipper had gone too fast.

In the meantime at Spa there has been horse riding and tree walking. This afternoon they were building bird’s nests and learning about birds. They too have their disco this evening.

It will be great to have them all back safely tomorrow, and however much fun they’ve had I am sure they will be very happy to be home.

One last quieter evening for you, so try and make the most of it!

See you all tomorrow.

Mandy Porrett