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Summer fair, talent show video, enrolment news and much, much more!

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Summer fair, talent show video, enrolment news and much, much more!
by Mandy Porrett - Friday, 10 June 2011, 6:04 PM
The children have returned safely from Flipper and Spa. They have had a great time and I am sure that they will have plenty to talk about over the next few days. I am sure that you would like to join with me in thanking Ms. Guille, Ms. Higueras, Kelly and Ms Marino who have looked after the children with great care and affection over the last week. It is a very busy week for them and they truly deserve a good rest over the long weekend.

Whilst the Classes 4, 6&7 were away, Classes 1 & 3 also went out on trips. Yesterday Class 1 were visiting the zoo in Plankendael and Class were 3 looking at insects in the museum. Both of these trips were linked to their current Units of Work. They all appeared to have a great time and you should watch out for the photographs of the Class 1 trip on the screen in the entrance hall.

Ms. Ford would like to inform you that she has now uploaded the talent show videos onto the Music section of our website. If you missed the live show you can still enjoy the experience.

The Pre-school teachers have also asked me to remind you not to go into the playground when the children are playing there just before the end of the school day. I am sure that you will understand this to ensure the safety of the children. Once the children have gone back into the Pre-school building please feel free to come and wait in the playground. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation regarding this.

This time next week we will be preparing for the Summer Fair. The PTA would like to remind you that they continue to need your support in the following ways:
  • Bottled items for the ever-popular Bottle Tombola. Please donate full, unopened bottles of wine, oils, perfume etc. Leave all donations in Jacqueline’s office.
  • Second hand books, CDs, DVDs, computer and console games (PS, Wii, Xbox, PSP, Gameboy, DS). Clear your own shelves to provide other BEPS families with some great summer reading. This year we will also be selling CDs and games. Please leave any donations in the school entrance hall (on the small table). Only items in good and working condition please.
Please bring all bottles, books, CDs, games & raffle contributions to school by Thursday June 16th.
  • Cakes for the Cake Stall. Please bring some homemade or shop-bought goodies that we can put on our cake stall. Either on Friday 17th June to Ms. Porrett’s office or on the morning of Saturday 18th
Please notify Marcela Gonzalez what you will be bringing for the cake stall so we can ensure we have enough goodies to sell:
  • The food court will include a BBQ, a Bar and a delicious International Buffet. If you can contribute some regional cuisine towards this Buffet, please send an email to Catherine:
Thank you in advance for your contributions. Your efforts and enthusiasm are essential to the success of this event. If you have any questions please contact the PTA:

If you haven’t already received the letters regarding Garderie next year you will find them on the website on Jacqueline’s Desk for parents. There are two letters, one for Enrolment or Re-enrolment to the service and another to investigate the demand for a Wednesday afternoon Garderie. Please complete and return these as soon as possible as numbers are limited.

Finally I have a message from Henny de Waal regarding enrolment for the next academic year.

Will we reach 200 students by September 1st?

Dear Parents,

I would like to give you an update on the re-enrolments and new enrolments for next year and I am pleased to tell you that we are doing great.

In September 2010 we started with 166 children a number, which increased throughout the school year to reach 196 now.

For September 2011 we already have 177 children enrolled and more enquiries are coming in on a daily basis. This also means that we are starting with a waiting list for Bears Cave and Lions Den, as they are now full!

There is also more pressure on class 7, where we currently have 15 children enrolled and on class 3 where only a limited number of spaces are available.

We will continue our hard work and would like to thank all parents for recommending the school to friends and colleagues.

With kind regards,

Henny de Waal
Director Education & Public Relations

As you can see it looks as though it’s going to be a busy 2011/2012!

Please don’t forget that there isn’t any school on Monday – life seems to be one holiday after another at the moment.

If you don’t see me on Tuesday it will be because the rain washed me away on my way home! Where has the sun gone?

Have fun over the weekend.

Best Wishes

Mandy Porrett