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Class 5 and Class 2 update

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Class 5 and Class 2 update
by Mandy Porrett - Tuesday, 21 June 2011, 6:36 PM

I have just returned from a busy day with Class 5. After a very slow and wet journey we arrived to find everybody very busily involved in one of four activities. These included making and drawing with charcoal, some Science experiments, making pine lemonade and a hot air balloon. After lunch the rain decided to stop and we went on a great walk. It was only 4 kms, but seemed like more as it was all up and down hill and so we used up lots of energy. We paddled in the lake (in our wellington boots) and generally enjoyed ourselves. When I left they still had enough energy for some football and outside games before dinner.

Now that I am back at school I have the next exciting adventure to look forward to. Lots of the Class 2 children have packed their suitcases and are in school for a sleep over! They are just eating pizza before some quiet time, tooth brushing and story time before bed. At this moment in time they don’t seem very tired at all though. If you see a bleary eyed Ms. Mbida and Ms. Hamelin tomorrow you will understand why!

More news tomorrow.

Mandy Porrett