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Message from the PTA (Photographs and Garderie)

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Message from the PTA (Photographs and Garderie)
by Mandy Porrett - Thursday, 23 June 2011, 3:28 PM
Dear Parents,


Over the last month you have been able to see photographs of your children on the monitor in the school entrance hall. The PTA took these.

These pictures were for sale at the Summer Fair in printed and digital format (DVD).

In case you haven’t been able to look at them and purchase your copies, they are now available for you to look at in your child’s classroom.

Individual pictures cost 1 Euro and the DVD which holds not only the pictures of your child, but also their class, their friends, fun on the playground and all 1500 pictures taken (in High Resolution) This is available for 15 Euros.

This is a great opportunity to have pictures of your children in their school environment.


Could we kindly ask you to return the Garderie enrolment /re enrolment forms and the Wednesday Garderie Service Survey which we sent to you a little while ago.

Could we ask you to complete this, even if you are not interested so we can make the best possible assessment of your needs? Please return this by next Monday (June 26th)

In case you do not have the forms any more, we gladly provide you with new ones or you can find a downloadable version under “Jacqueline’s desk for parents” on

Thank you very much.