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Computer Projects - Final Assembly 11 AM Tomorrow

Computer Projects - Final Assembly 11 AM Tomorrow
by Oscar Guerra - Wednesday, 29 June 2011, 12:09 PM
Dear Parents,

I have updated the "Computers at BEPS" website with the last computer projects of the year. There are updates for all classes. The Class 1s consolidated their drawing skills with a collection of animal drawings. The Class 2s showed their advanced drawing skills with their vacation drawings. The Class 3s incorporated labels into their drawings with the help of PowerPoint. The Class 4s took PowerPoint a step further and prepared a poster with biographical information. The Class 5s and 6s each had a different take on art and the computer. Furthermore, the Class 6s and 7s are sharing their inventions presentations. As you probably know, the pinnacle of our learning at BEPS is the preparation for the Class 7 Exhibition. The Class 7s have a website where they share all their different computer projects.

Please talk with your child about their hard work and have a look at their future projects. You could be a risk taker and try some of these projects at home. The website includes resources and explanations for helping your child develop their computer skills.

On a different note, please be reminded that the final assembly of the school year will take place tomorrow at 11 AM.

Thank you very much for a great school year and have a safe and fun holiday.



Class 4 - PowerPoint Posters about Significant People Class 6 Art Project Class 6 & 7 - PowerPoint Presentations about Inventions

PS Direct link to the "Computer at BEPS website":